The rounds from this game, with the most recent round first:
Don't forget! Beginning this week, Casual Friday will officially become "____ Friday."
"It looks like the punch has been... ____ed"!
Poor Brandon, still living in his parents' basement. I hear he never got over ____.
Dude, I love ____ , and that's not an innuendo.
What would grandma find disturbing, yet oddly charming?
During his midlife crisis, my dad got really into ____.
And would you like those buffalo wings mild, hot, or ____?
"Shove that ____ up my ass you neon colored WHORE"!
Oh no! Siri, how do I fix ____?
Ponyville is widely know for ____.
In a world ravaged by ____, our only solace is ____.
Hi, this is Jim from accounting. We noticed a $1,200 charge labeled "____." Can you explain?
My new favorite porn star is Joey "____" McGee.
Instead of the birds and the bees, the ponies call it the ____ and the ____.
Forget everything you know about ____, because now we've supercharged it with ____!
Sometimes I wonder why ____ is the only remotely normal thing in the MLP universe.
Believe it or not, Jim Carrey can do a dead-on impression of ____.